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Once your requirements have been established, Mander Plumbing & Gas will design, install, commission and maintain a hot water system that is essential to every building.

Mander Plumbing's 60 years of experience will allow you to make an informed decision, for example:

♦ A common mistake in continuous flow systems is to have small diameter pipes connected to them that do not provide sufficient cold water flow to the water heater resulting in insufficient hot water flow.

♦ High efficiency gas storage cylinders are sometimes a more cost effective solution than gas continuous flow, i.e. Bosch, Rinnai or Rheem systems.

♦ It is easy to offer a small system or substandard ancillary equipment; however these systems are often not serviceable and require early replacement.

♦ Mander Plumbing will insure that the right solution is provide for the task.


A Khandallah Home - Bathroom, Ensuite, Hot Water System
Has a Bosch Condensing Hot Water Heater which has achieved a significant saving in gas usage; refer Testimonials 'Helen and Frank.'

A Local Medical Centre
Has 8 wash basins, a kitchen sink, male and female toilets supplied by a Rheem Stella gas 130 litre external hot water system.

Apartment Block CBD - 40 Apartments And 5 Commercial Tenants
Supplied by a bank of four Rinnai commercial Infinities connected to two 300 litre storage tanks. These are luxury apartments some of which have high demand for hot water. Again there is no lack of hot water and even when a breakdown occurs there is sufficient redundancy to keep the system supplying hot water.

Apartment Block Southern Suburb - 50 Apartments
Supplied by two Bosch 32 continuous flow water heaters serving a 300 litre storage tank. This system offers a uninterrupted flow of hot water to all apartments. We have no complaints of lack of hot water.

A Large House In Khandallah - 4 Bathrooms
The kitchen and two bathrooms supplied by a Bosch 32c, the second bathroom & guest bathroom supplied by a Bosch 26c. This solution offers the flexibility of large amounts of hot water without having to store and reheat large or multiple storage cylinders and when demand is less or nil no energy is being used.

A Family (6) Home In Khandallah
The gas meter is at the front of the house and feeds an existing internal hot water cylinder, a hob and a heater. There is insufficient gas available at the rear of the house for a continuous flow system and the customer wanted to utilise the cupboard that housed the hot water cylinder. The solution - provision of an external high efficiency, quick recovery hot water cylinder providing plenty of hot water when demand is high, situated outside saving valuable space inside. The existing gas and water pipework is sufficient which avoided costly new pipe installations and landscape reinstatement which would have be required if a continuous flow system had been used.

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