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Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Mander Plumbing have been installing solar water heaters in Wellington, the Hutt Valley and Horowhenua for over 20 years. The expertise gained over this period on a range of different systems allows Mander Plumbing to expertly tailor the products that suit your specific requirements.

The savings from a solar hot water system can be significant. However, it is necessary to invest in a quality system that is correctly installed and configured to meet the specific home or building requirements. An on-going maintenance schedule will ensure that your solar hot water system is maintained to achieve maximum performance and life.

Once you have decided on a solar option, we would encourage you to do some research on what products are available and then call us to arrange for a consultant to discuss your project. Your consultant will be able to assist in narrowing down the options to something that is within budget and suitable to meet your requirements.

For further enquiries or a consultation contact us.

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