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In the unfortunate event that pipes in your home burst and flood the nearby rooms, Mander Plumbing are able to offer several solutions:

If possible, in the first instance turn off the water at the mains and call 0800 MANDER to arrange for a plumber to attend. Usually the problem can be rectified and the water turned back on while together we plan the next steps.

There will be a number of repair options that are complex and need to be tailored to your specific situation. Due to the complexity of the fault your plumber will provide expert advice once the situation is assessed. However, you should talk to your Insurance Company and reconsider any plumbing upgrade that you may have put off in the past which now may be able to be incorporated in any repairs.

Mander Plumbing are able to assist with any Building Consents, reinstatement of walls or ceilings and redecoration as required.

For further enquiries or a consultation contact us.

Our Terms and Conditions of Trade are here (pdf format).

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